5 Tips For Budget-Conscious Fashionistas


Chances are that a fair few of those reading this will have already concluded that at least a couple of words in the title really do not go together at all. The reason ofcourse being that following fashion and ensuring you dress in the latest styles has never been something that anyone would realistically consider cheap. As such, the idea of shopping the latest trends while keeping an eye on your budget is something that may sound easier said than done, but it is in fact possible.

According to the experts at Bella Fashion Queen, there really is nothing that says you have to spend over the odds simply to look great and feel just as great. It’s of course no secret that if you want to invest in the latest catwalk trends from Milan, then you are of course going to have to pay a pretty penny for the privilege. If on the other hand you are the type of fashionista that would rather spend sensibly and still look fantastic, there are plenty of ways and means by which this can be made possible.

Here’s a quick look at five essential tips for the budget-conscious fashionista:

Designer Outlets

First and foremost, it’s worth bearing in mind that while the speed with which certain styles and trends go in and out of fashion makes it difficult to keep up, it nonetheless makes the country’s designer outlets pure gold for those on a budget. Not to name any names in particular, but both online and on the high streets there are dozens of outstanding factory outlets where incredible garments and collections that may have only been around for a few months are put up for sale with massive reductions. It may technically be classified by the world’s leading fashion gurus as past season, but to most of us that simply means it has been out in the wild for a few weeks or so.

Search and Use Coupon Codes Online

If you haven’t already got into the habit of using online coupon codes, you really are missing out on something quite spectacular. This is one of the only examples of a genuine saving where there are no strings attached, no catches and nothing dodgy about it. All you need to do is look via a search engine for the latest coupon codes and chances are you’ll find dozens, maybe even hundreds of them. From discounts as high as 20% to all manner of freebies and special offers, these cards are 100% free to use and readily available 365 days a year.

Go Pre-Loved

If you’d been wondering what the elusive secret is when it comes to finding genuinely incredible products and items in charity stores, it’s actually quite simple. The best way of looking at things when choosing a charity shop is to consider the area in which it is located. For example, if you were to frequent a charity shop in the north of London where pretty much every resident within a mile around is either a celebrity or a multimillionaire, chances are you are going to find much more desirable items are being donated than at a charity shop in a somewhat less affluent district. You would be absolutely gobsmacked by the kinds of things you can pick up in a charity shop for next to nothing, if of course you know exactly where to head for the charity shops themselves.

Get On Mailing Lists

Guess your inbox is already full of spam and know you do not want your name on any other mailing lists under any circumstances. In this instance however, you might want to think about accepting a few junk e-mails every now and then because to sign up for email alerts from your favourite retailers is to gain something of an advantage over everyone else when it comes to the special deals and discounts they have to offer. Not only will you find yourself at the front of the queue when there are great deals to be had, but you may also gain access to deals that are 100% exclusive to mailing list members. Suffice to say therefore, it’s a small price to pay for what could be big discounts.

Shop Smart, Shop Online

Last but not least, never forget that to shop online is to gain access not only to various special deals and discounts, but to the widest collection of clothing on the market for the lowest everyday prices. Online retail is by its very nature considerably cheaper than standard high street retail, which is why it is possible for online fashion stores to sell their garments for considerably less than their high street counterparts without there being any strings attached.