5 Slimming Fashion and Beauty Secrets Revealed


The iPhone has now taken more photos than all the cameras in the history of the world combined. This means your friends are now essentially the paparazzi and your look will appear repeatedly on various social media sites. Here’s how to make sure you look your best, and slimmest, every time

Build on a Solid Foundation

Your undergarments are the foundation of your wardrobe. Those intrepid, measuring tape wielding sales people at Victoria Secret know what they are doing; let them help you! Statistics show the majority of women are not wearing the correct size bra. It shows, in the form of unsightly lumps. Don’t create back fat where there is none. Invest in a great bra and banish lumps and bulges. This will go a long way toward a thinner look. While you’re shopping, purchase several pairs of seamless panties or thongs as well. Consider Spanx for extra credit; shapewear creates a sleek silhouette that always translates to a more slender looking appearance.

*Pro tip: Stock up on foundation garments in a nude tone that matches your skin if possible. These are least likely to be visible under clothing, even when wearing white.

Rock a Monochromatic Look

Dressing in one color, even if you vary the shade, always creates a slimmer look. Head to toe color unity draws the eye up and visually lengthens you.

*Pro tip: Shoes matter! Work to match your pumps to your pants as closely as possible to enhance the effect. If you’re rocking bare legs, look for a pump that matches your skin tone (not your outfit). Nine West has a killer selection of heels in a wide variety of shades; you’re sure to find your match.

It’s All About Balance

Traditional fashion advice dictates that if you are going to wear a fitted piece of clothing, it should be balanced by a looser item. Use this to your advantage. Pear shaped? Highlight your slim waist and narrow shoulders with a fitted top and balance the look with wide leg trousers or a full tea length skirt. Got fab legs but feel less confident about your tummy? Rock fierce leggings with a loose sweater or flowing tunic top.

*Pro tip: Take it a step further with color. Dark colors make you look smaller, so make your loose piece the darkest.

Stand Up Straight

Pay attention to the posture you assume when stressed. I have a nasty habit of drawing my shoulders up toward my ears. When they touch, I look like a hobbit. Not an attractive look and not an uncommon habit. Instead, pull yourself up tall; lengthen your spine. For the sake of photos especially, make sure your head is not inclined forward. Create a straight line from the crown of your head down to your tailbone. Be sure to extend your jaw slightly to avoid the dreaded double-chin.

*Pro tip: Make your eyes appear larger (especially in photos) by dipping your chin down slightly.

What’s Your Angle?

Head on never looks good on anyone. Pay attention to stars on the red carpet. They all assume a similar posture that is based on creating angles. Angles are sharp, and sharp equals thin. When photo opportunities present themselves, tilt your head and turn your body slightly. Try putting one foot just in front of the other. Voila! You are now taking up less visual space.

*Pro tip: Place one hand on your hip, keeping your elbow pointed out. The open area created between your arm and your torso creates the illusion of a smaller waist.

Everyone has heard that old adage that the camera adds ten pounds… use these tricks to take them back off. You can even consider getting help with supplementation, like Phentermine online, as products like this will help shed some unwanted pounds quickly. With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll never need to un-tag yourself in a photo again. Face the world and their cameras with confidence; nothing looks better than that.