How to choose the right shoes for a pink prom dress


With the right accessories, girls that attend to one of the most expected nights of their lives can wear an elegant pink prom dress. Choose a pink tone that complements your body and the tone of your skin, and the right accessories that flatter and accentuate your personality and the tone of the pink dress. While wearing Jovani designer dresses, your accessories should also reflect the type of event you attend since they are the final touch that determines whether an aspect you will show whether is formal, festive or casual prom look.

Instructions for wearing a pink prom dress

  • Choose the type of look you want, be it striking or conservative.
  • Choose black, white, beige or khaki shoes, as these colors go well with pink. You can wear pink shoes, but they should not be different from the tone of the dress. Choose standard footwear for a more conservative environment, some stilettos pointed for a sensual look, and shiny shoes of gold or silver to give a surprising impression.
  • Wear socks that complement your natural skin tone or choose black or cream-colored tights to add a touch of elegance to your bold look. Avoid pink socks.
  • Carry a small handbag large enough to store the essentials. Choose a white, beige or cream bag if you wear pink shoes, if not, combine the color of your handbag with the color of your shoes.
  • Choose belts and handkerchiefs that suit the style of the dress. Accent sleeveless dresses with a scarf or shawl. Lace shawls add a touch of class and maturity to your appearance. Patterned belts and scarves should not attract attention. Add a black belt to a dress for a conservative look.
  • Decide what hairstyle you are going to make before choosing hats and hair accessories. Place natural or silk flowers in your hair for a delicate and romantic look, jewelry or hair accessories for a refined air. Add chopsticks decorated with beads to the hair bun.
  • Opt for the jewels that match your dress and your personality. The long and hanging gold or silver earrings can be attractive, but in turn, the pearls and precious stones are more sophisticated. Do not wear too many pieces of jewelry if the dress itself is already adorned.
  • Place your dress on a flat surface, like your bed, surrounded by all the accessories to decide whether you like it or not the overall appearance.

All the possible shoes you can wear with a pink prom dress


One of the most recommended options to combine your pink prom dress will be a pair of nude or leather shoes, which will help to give the maximum prominence to your JVN dress. Choose the most appropriate tone and, above all, those that best go with the style of your look, as explained by Elle Magazine in The 7 It-Shoes Everyone Will Be Wearing This Spring.


An option similar to the nude but more daring is to choose some gold shoes to wear with your pink dress stick. It is essential that you want the golden tone well so that they are not too bright and stand out more than the account.


The silver color will also combine perfectly with a JVN pink dress stick; Just as with gold, we recommend that it not be too strident. You can opt for a dark silver, in the style of “old silver.”


The monochromatic look is another ideal option to wear pink shoes, a very naïve and sweet style. To do this, you should look for a pair of shoes with the same tone as your dress, so that it does not clash. In this case, the accessories may be what you play the most with your clothes.


If you opt for something more groundbreaking, black will be the ideal shoe color for your pink dress stick. This will be a way to highlight the footwear, but also to minimize the importance of the dress.


As you can see, pink prom dresses offer many combinations when choosing which shoes to wear. Also, you can combine it with a pair of shoes in brown, brown and similar.

Total Contrast

And for the most daring, there is the fantastic option to combine a pink dress stick with brightly colored shoes: green, fuchsia, turquoise, coral or opt for an animal print or animal print.