The ringis the jewel that will seal your love forever. Symbol of the union and ritual essential during the ceremony of vows.

The symbolic is the union; it is the idea to bind, to connect. The two identical rings are to be worn in the left hand, in the ring where is the vein of love (the one that is connected to the heart). It is the symbolism of the circle and the ring, “to combine” as its name indicates. The French word is good, it’s a ringnot a fusion, we do not make one, and we stay two.

Think about the harmony between the engagement ring and the ring

For the woman, there is often the engagement ring before having the wedding ring. She has to put the engagement ring and buy cheap engagement rings online aside to adopt the wedding ring. It needs a harmony of both, it is important that the integration of the two rings reveals a nice union.

It is also important to respect the harmony between the lonely and the ring. The material must be the same between the two jewels, they will mix and it does not have to look too complicated. The lightness and uniqueness are essential, especially if you wear a watch, a necklace, earrings etc…

For the man, there are three styles: either classic, sporty, or dandy. We favor the comfort and the aesthetics, the width and the thickness of the ring. Everything must be comfortable, it is necessary to put in the situation of the daily newspaper where one clasps hands, where one practices a sport, where one cooks etc…

The ringmust be adapted to its morphology; it depends on its taste and its personality too. Why not follow trends if you have an arty spirit? But do not forget that you will wear it for a long time, do not get tired in the long run!

Alternate between the engagement ring and the ring

At the time of the wedding, the engagement ring is on the left, and then you have to go to the right to free the finger for the wedding ring. As the diamond is most visible, it’s good to wear only the wedding ring and keep the engagement ring for special events. In the symbolic, the ring means that we are “bound”, the engagement ring only means “reserved”.

The ring is easier to live with every day. The solitaire is sometimes integrated; it is less convenient to have it all the time sometimes. At least the ring does not hang; there is nothing unlike the loner. We must alternate.

Do not be influenced by trends to choose your wedding ring

The most important thing is to choose a ring that matches your personality. The ring is a jewel to wear all his life, the notion of comfort and timelessness is essential. You must also not be influenced by trends so you can be proud to wear your ring all your life. Rings can be different for both partners, you have to choose according to the ergonomics and pay attention to the materials.

The covenants of both spouses do not have to be identical

Nothing obliges to wear the same ring as his partner. The important thing is that everyone feels good. It is about two different people who have the same love but who are in a separate life. The ring is the sign of your personality, there may very well be an extrovert who lives with another person more discreet. We must find his personality.

To know also that men express themselves more and more through their ring. Before they were booked and there was a real change. They have been expressing themselves more since the last ten years, there has been an evolution, today the choices are shared, the choice is indeed wider. As in decoration, men have more say and dare more than before!

Privilege gold and platinum for your rings

An ring in gold or platinum will have very hard materials that will withstand everyday life. Before, at the time of our parents, fashion was yellow gold for the solar side. Today there is a real return to platinum; it is a material nobler and less visible than the yellow gold. It does not deteriorate and is more expensive than gold because it is rare. For budget reasons, we choose white gold, which is difficult to distinguish from platinum and less expensive. There is also a small trend on pink gold , it is a phenomenon of Asian inspiration and we still see little in Europe. But know that the pink gold is clear on the skin.

Choose your wedding rings

Gold and platinum stand up to everything, so no fear of water. Indeed, there will always be micro-scratches but they will not be visible to the naked eye. Beware of sand too; it is the worst enemy of rings. When you go to the beach, remember to remove the rings but know that at the pool, your rings will withstand very well. It should be noted that rings are not likely to deteriorate daily under normal conditions. On the other hand, if you practice a trade like hairdresser for example, the friction of the scissors will be able to damage the ring. But this is an atypical case.

To maintain your wedding rings, wash the rings with soap and a soft cloth. On the other hand, we can polish to get shine, but they must remain rare. No more than two or three times in a lifetime! Every time we polish, we remove the material and it generates fragility in the ring.

Choose your wedding ring in shop

It must be borne in mind that it is not a product like the others, it has a symbolism. If the seller is too urgent, it removes the pleasure. It is necessary that the latter offers you a truly unique moment when choosing your wedding rings, that he offers you to engrave the date of your wedding, that it puts you at ease. It’s a beautiful moment, if it does not give you enough explanations, it’s a problem! And if there is no service in the shop, you will have to flee!

In general, women do the tracking in the shop, and men go on the internet. Seeing the prices on the web, he will feel less uncomfortable in the shop. Before choosing them, then be sure to both have a good knowledge of the product, and to be well informed especially. For my part, I strongly advise to live the experience of choosing in store.

Also, it is necessary that complicity settles with the seller, it is a very moving moment, the jewels are made for certain moments of the life, and the notion of emotion is thus very strong. That’s why buying your ring on the internet, I find it a shame, after that depends on the generation…! But try before in shop is essential!

Multiply fittings to find the right ring

What’s important on the other hand is to take the time to choose and try. It must be done before the wedding because the desired ring is not always available in your size and in time for the big day. So it’s best to try rings at two different times of the day. Especially if you have a hesitation, better try it in the morning and evening because the fingers swell in the day.

Comfort question, choose an ring rather too tight than too loose. Feel free to try often if you have doubts. Successive fittings are important for the metric refinement of the ring.

Who buys your wedding jewelry?

The rules are flexible; it depends on the openness of the couple. Either they have a joint account and finance the jewelry together, or the husband decides and offers. Sometimes families help; there is no more absolute rule nowadays. In general, a woman will buy her own jewel, but the wedding ring is the gift of the future husband. Afterwards if the ring is expensive, the couple arranges. However, do not go into debt and be reasonable! It is good that it is the man who offers, and this is the case in 90% for wedding rings, and in 100% of cases for engagement rings. Couples come together; they invest for the covenant, and make the sacrifice for the honeymoon too.