Stones That Accent Bohemian Jewellery


One of the beautiful stones that is often featured in bohemian jewellery is opal. This lovely gem is highlighted in various hues in rings as well as earrings and necklaces. You simply cannot own this type of look without the addition of this magnetic gem.

Whilst opal is designated as October’s birthstone, it does not mean you cannot enjoy wearing this stone if you were born in another month. Indeed, the stone is precious as its name is derived from a Sanskrit word, “upala,” which, when translated, means “precious stone. The word is also a Greek derivative of the word, “opallios,” which refers to the opal’s changing colours.

Opals Do Not Bring Bad Luck

Some people believe that an opal brings bad luck, a myth that originated in a story that was penned by Sir Walter Scott. The author’s bestselling book, Anne of Geierstein, is the reason for the belief. The book, which was written in 1829, tells the story of a Lady Hermione, who dies after a spattering of water lands on her opal. As a result of the tale, the European opal market crashed a short time after the publication of the tome.

So, if you have been avoiding buying opal jewellery, such as Indie and Harper bohemian necklaces and rings, because of the bad luck associated with the gem, you need not worry. Australians were able to revive the opal market when a beautiful black opal was found in 1877 in South Wales; in fact, the black opal was revered around the world. Today, Australia is still the main source for opals – both black and white – in the marketplace.

Because of the bad luck association of opal, the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, would not wear opal stones. Queen Victoria, however, considered the superstition absurd and all her daughters were given opals when they wed. Asians also revere the opal as they consider it a gem that symbolises hope.

In addition, an opal stone is said to underscore the traits of the wearer. As a result, if you are positive in your thinking, the stone is said to amplify such characteristics as confidence and self-worth even further. In addition, the stone emits an energy that is said to promote creativity and an interest in the arts. People who wish to take control of their lives are often drawn to opal jewellery.

A Delicate Type of Stone

Opals, a delicate stone, rate from 5.5 to 6.5 on Mohs hardness scale and are made up of about 10% water. As a result, some opal stones can crack if they dry out too quickly when they are extracted from the earth. The stone is also amorphous, which means the gem is not crystallised. The only other amorphous stone that is available is amber. Therefore, this particular trait is rather unique to opals.

When you buy opal jewellery, maintain its iridescence by keeping it away from chemicals and oils. These kinds of liquids can cause the stone to lose its fire. Also, because opals are made up of a good deal of water, never store them in a place where there is no humidity. Doing so can cause cracking, also referred to a crazing. As a result, it is safe to immerse the stone in water.