After since the royal wedding in May, wedding hat, head gears and accessories remained the hottest trend for weddings throughout the year 2018. Similarly, this year too it is expected to continue in all its glory and make women steal the show.

It gives a ravishingly royal, exquisite and dignified look to the entire persona leaving everyone in an awe of your sparkling attire. But there are some golden rules that are associated with a wedding hat gear, and before putting your hands on one you should be aware of those rules so that you may not embarrass yourself by going wrong with it. May it be mother of the bride dresses up and chooses to wear the head gear or the bridesmaids, everyone should be aware of these tidbits. Have a look.


If you plan on having a dress code on your wedding and want all the guests to wear identical or even headgears only for that matter, you should come in action at least three before the wedding and let the guests know about it before hand.


If you want to stand out in the crowd, then be yourself. Create your own style statement rather than running after the bandwagon. Following your own style will make you look distinctive among the rest. Choose something that suits your body type and attire. If you are tall then choose a hat with a wider brim, whereas, if you are shorter in height then avoid adorning wider structures and opt for small pieces.


It is a very basic social understanding that the guests should not outshine their hosts. So, following this rule the mother of the groom should wear a hat that is smaller in size than the bride’s mother. The mother of the bride dresses tea length and a hat then the groom’s mother should be wearing either something of the equal appearance or anything that is not too grand.


Keep in mind that when accessorizing the hats or head bands with pearls, flowers, net or feathers women tend to decorate theirs on the right hand side, as opposed the men who decorate on the left hand side.


The time of the event always determines the size of the hat or even “hat or no hat”. As a rule of the thumb, the size of the hats decreases as the day progresses. Obviously there is no need of a hat when the sun is down. It also looks quite exaggerated and overly dressed to arrive with a hat for a wedding dinner.


We all know that hats or headgears are a part of women’s ensemble. Therefore they are not obliged to take their hats off when going indoors, not even at a church. While on the other hand, the gentlemen are required to take them off, especially in religious buildings.


It is the bride’s mom who dictates that when other women may take their hats or fascinators off. Until she removes her hat, other are bound to keep theirs on.