10 Elegant and Fun Long Hairstyles for Summer


The time to be out enjoying all that the summer has for you is right here. Long hairstyles, newest outfits, varying make-ups will make your summer outing memorable one. That goes without saying to ladies who know the secret!Explore these amazing ten long hairstyles that will make everyone turn their heads on you. Here you can choose the most fabulous hairstyle for this season.https://www.pinterest.com/pin/499618152400870567/

  • Olivia

This gorgeous hairstyle is separated side by side with waves and striking ridges that are made straight at the ends.How to style:

  1. Texturize the wet hair.
  2. Blow-dry the hair
  3. Use the curling wand to wrap the hair but leave the trimmings untouched.
  4. Add a product to enhance texture.
  5. Keep the hair in form with finishing spray.
  • Ava

This easy to make braid will rock your summer and make you look extra feminine.How to style:Start by applying for thermal protection

  1. Use the curling wand to curl some sections of the hair.
  2. Hold front pieces and braid them backward.
  3. Hold it with a finishing spray
  • Mia

The curled hair is pigtailed on each other side by side. It is recommended to chic with wider face and naturally curly hair.How to style:

  1. Make the hair wet by applying a product.
  2. Blow -dry it until there is no more moisture.
  3. Put the hair together to form and ponytail on both sides of the head.
  • Charlotte

Letting the trimmings straighter compared to the rest of the hair makes this hairstyle look more modern.How to style:

  1. Create the texture of the hair by applying a product.
  2. Dry the wet hair.
  3. Ignore the ends and using a barrel iron wrap the remaining sections of the hair on it.
  4. Comb the hair with your figures to make the waves lose.
  5. Use fingers to rough up the hair and apply a product to make it appear more organic.
  • Ella

This is one of the best long hairstyles for the summer. Apart from being very editorial, it is also very wearable. Ideal for long faces with medium hair.How to style:

  1. Use styling product to smoothen the hair.
  2. Use a flat brush to completely dry the hair.
  3. Do the curling starting two inches from the roots, and do not touch the ends.
  4. Set the hair with a holding spray.
  • Harper

It looks more elegant when left natural and it is the most suitable easy to wear look for the summer season. Looks great on all faces with medium texture hair.How to style:

  1. apply a conditioner on the wet hair.
  2. Scrunch the hair
  3. Blow dry the hair until completely dry.
  • Scarlett

This gorgeous type of long hairstyles is timeless. You will love how it shines with sassy curls this summer. Fit for all faces with medium textured hair.How to style:

  1. start by spraying thermal protection on the hair.
  2. Use a barrel iron to vertically curl the hair sections in a unidirectional manner.
  3. Wait for the hair to cool, and then take the rollers off and brush the waves out.
  4. Use a finishing spray to hold it.