5 Gucci Accessories to Top Your New Look


If there is one fashion brand that you can rely on for a luxurious, glamorous look, it’s Gucci. This brand has successfully catered to its consumers’ needs in the accessories department since 1921, providing everything from watches to handbags. Below are 5 Gucci accessories that you can consider!

GG Marmont Card Case

This is certainly a stylish way to organize your cards, is it not? Bring this trendy accessory with you for all possible social settings – including business trips!

When you own a card case, you don’t need to carry around a purse plumped up by the sheer volume of business cards in it. Save the membership cards and business cards in this dedicated case instead!

Own a card case from Gucci, and you can subtly flaunt your branded goods while you share your business card with a new acquaintance or pay for your goods with your debit card.

Hats & Caps

This accessory from Gucci might be less well-known compared to some of its other product lines, but that does not mean that it is any less trendy or stylish.

Gucci has the Papier wide brim hat which you can wear with a jumpsuit and shades for when you want to go business casual. It also has a baseball hat with NY Yankees patch for when you want to go a little more sporty.

Which hat will you wear, and for which occasion? IBrowse the options Gucci has to offer and you can be sure that you are looking sharp and stylish with these branded accessories!

Gucci Handbag Assortments

It simply wouldn’t seem right if you were to purchase all sorts of Gucci accessories but not a Gucci handbag. There is a wide range of styles for Gucci bags in Australia to choose from. Enjoy browsing and finding the bag that best suits your needs.

There is the usual handbag with straps, and then there are the leather chain wallets. You can also go for just a simple wallet – Gucci has many variants for you to choose from!  

Here’s a pro tip: Choose something in a neutral colour. A black purse would look exceptionally exquisite when paired with Gucci’s classic golden logo, and it can match with most of your outfit colours and styles.

Gucci Buckle Belt

What better way to get that classy look without all the unnecessary showing off than by wearing a sytlish and buckled belt?

Whether you are wearing a jumpsuit, a dress or the classic shirt and pants combo, a belt can be used as an accessory to give you just the fashion edge you need.

Most of Gucci’s belts are simple and thin, as opposed to their other accessories which may sport a broad spectrum of colours. Nevertheless, it’s true that simplicity is the best when it comes to belts from Gucci. It is a timeless, classic look.

Printed Silk Scarf

Do you know what else would look exceptionally gorgeous with your Gucci get-up? A silk scarf. Just picture it – a white Oxford shirt or your favourite low-collared blouse, paired with a scarf tied at the side.

We will call that perfection. The branding for a Gucci scarf is also not as apparent as some of their other offerings – shop around for Gucci scarves online, and you will see the subtle way Gucci incorporates their brand into the scarves.

Try opting for lighter colours if you are considering this classy accessory. Even if you aren’t a scarf person, you might fall in love with their shawl selections!