Best Tips Shopping for Your Man


Most men prefer to shop for themselves. That’s a fact. So for a woman, it can be a real challenge to find something that he’ll actually wear. Women have a dizzying choice of styles and shops to choose from, and plenty of advice from magazines. When it comes to men, there’s still not nearly as much choice. So, without further ado, here are some handy tips for buying clothes for the man in your life.

Know your guy’s style

The main mistake women make when buying for a man (and vice versa) is that they buy clothing that they like, rather than thinking about what he would normally wear. If he has an understated style – plain t-shirts and shirts, a pair of dark jeans, trainers – don’t go for as pastel pink shirt or a t-shirt with multi-coloured prints. Avoid something ultra-trendy – instead, search out classics like a nice Oxford shirt or a polo shirt in a masculine colour. Guys have clothes they feel comfortable in and from experience are often fussier than girls.


You might have no idea about measurements for men. If you don’t want him to realise that you’re buying clothes for him, then the best option is to check the size of clothes that he likes wearing and fit him well. For jumpers and t-shirts it’s as easy as checking whether they’re small, medium, large etc. It gets a little trickier when it comes to suit jackets and jeans – look for chest size and waist size respectively as a good guide. Take a look at jackets and jeans he already owns for reference.


With jeans it all comes down to fit so make sure you’ve got considered the previous section on measurements and then look at style. (For some ideas – Click here for the Wrangler range). Skinny jeans have been back in fashion for a fair while now, so if your man likes a tight fit then you’ve probably got an easier job on your hands, as the fit isn’t so crucial. Just make sure they won’t cut off the bloody supply!

Baggy jeans are a no-no in the style stakes so if skinny’s not an option finding the elusive perfect-fitting jeans can be difficult. In that case, you can consider Voi Jeans, which usually provide a comfortable, loose fit. Waist size, inner leg length are good to know – if you’re not quite sure about length, go longer as they can always be turned up.


Choosing the right shoes for your man can be a minefield. Again, think about when he’ll be wearing them and what he likes already. If he wears a beaten-up pair of Converse then he’s unlikely to want some chunky, flashy athletic shoes. If you want to get him nice work shoes or shoes to be matched with a suit, consider classics like brogues or wingtips; and it’s best to go dark to be on the safe side. If he likes convenience then a pair of slip-ons or loafers is always a great choice. Unless you’re choosing trainers, it’s common for men to go for understated styles when picking shoes.