9 Biggest Beauty Mistakes That Turn Him Off


The media likes to portray Kim Kardashian as one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the planet. She may be beautiful, but a lot of normal men don’t find her all that attractive. In fact, a lot of men are turned off by her hair, makeup, and other beauty techniques.

Ladies, men like the natural look, so you might want to think twice about mimicking your style after Kim’s or anyone else who finds pleasure in piling on makeup every morning. Take a look at the following 9 biggest beauty mistakes and find out why they send men running for cover.

Raccoon-eye Makeup

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Though most women love their eyeliners, most men say that they are repulsed by anything too heavy and dark. They all agree that raccoon-eye makeup makes a woman’s eyes look harsh and evil. Some guys will even tell you that it makes a girl look like she doesn’t know how to use makeup, like a little girl. Ouch.

Smokey Eyes

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Despite all those magazines telling you how sexy and seductive smokey eyes are, men are actually turned off by them. They find smokey eyes too similar to the raccoon-eye makeup, and they’re not too crazy about how smudged and messy they look. I once overheard a conversation between two fit (okay admit, incredibly hot) guys, saying: “Oh, she should have washed her eyes after getting out of bed.” “Maybe she had to leave quick, if you know what I mean.” Oh, no! As for eye makeup, it’s always best to keep it light.

False or Overdone Eyelashes

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We have no idea why the media keeps fawning over Kim Kardashian’s false eyelashes, because men actually find them icky. Who can really blame them, though? We agree that false and overdone eyelashes resemble spiders a little too much. If you must put emphasis on your eyelashes, just add a few false lashes or apply a lot of mascara to the outer corner of your eyes only. By the way, clumping them together doesn’t help either.

Bump Hairstyles

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Your hair bump doesn’t have to be as extreme as Snooki’s to be unattractive to men. Just a tiny bump hairstyle on the top of your head screams “high maintenance”. As for Bumpits… no. Just don’t.

Too much Hairspray

Here’s a known fact: men like to run their fingers through your hair. If your hair is covered in gel or hairspray, your man won’t be able to play with it. Not only that, but a hairstyle covered in hairspray screams “high maintenance” again. Skip the hairspray and go for a more easy-going hairstyle, and your man will thank you. If you have to fight frizzy hair, apply hair products that smoothen your curls without making them hard, of apply some coconut oil for natural looks.

Caked-on Foundation

Sure, foundation helps make your skin complexion look even and flawless, but the truth is that men don’t really care about that kind of stuff, if it is not extreme. They just don’t want your caked-on foundation to rub off on their face or clothes. If you truly feel that your face isn’t complete without foundation, just apply it only to the places that need it (for example, the dark creases around your nose), or choose one that can be applied in a very thin layer.

Unnatural Tans

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I have no idea why society seems to find tans sexy and irresistible. Me – and thousands of men – perceive tans as unhealthy and sometimes gross. Don’t get us started on fake orangey tans! Many men will tell you that healthy, natural skin is far more attractive. So you’d want to invest in skin care products designed to help promote healthy skin.

Overly White Teeth

Many men agree that bright white teeth look ridiculously unnatural. They know that you bleached them, and they think that they make your face look harsh. If you want whiter teeth, skip the bleach and simply use baking soda/peroxide toothpaste that will naturally whiten your teeth over time. This way you can avoid the shocking part of “Oh my God, what happened to your teeth?”.

Heavy Lipstick

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Dark red, cherry hues, deep browns, and even neon colors are huge no-nos when it comes to lipstick. They look harsh and may add years to your face. Men very much prefer softer colors because they look more natural and kissable. Always remember to use cosmetics and skin care products that match you skin type and your natural colors, and keep in mind the simple rule: “sour cherry tastes sour, candy is sweet”.