How To Match Diamond Earrings With Your Face Shape


Of all the accessories in your jewellery box, it is your earrings that probably have the most significant affect on how you look. Stud earrings have an understated elegance while chunky drop earrings give off a flamboyant air. Earrings are designed to be eye-catching accessories and so must be chosen carefully, but not only to match your outfit – your face shape is crucial to determining how good a particular style or design of earrings will look on you. Even the most stunning of diamond earrings that look fabulous on a model will be disappointing if they do not suit your face shape.

Identifying your own face shape will help immensely when it comes to selecting earrings that will suit and will help you avoid a possible fashion disaster. Face shapes can be divided into four main categories – round, oval, square and triangular – with some variations within each. You should be able to match your face shape approximately to one of them.

Round faces appear as a reasonably symmetric circle from the front. If you have a round face then you should wear earrings with vertical lines, as these will have a slimming effect. Studs are fine but drop earrings or earrings with gentle curves will also suit. Larger, chunky style earrings should be avoided, as they will add width to the face making it appear bloated.

If you have an oval face then you are one of the lucky ones who can wear earrings of almost any type and style (with the possible exception of square designs) and always look good. Rectangular and oblong-shaped faces have similar characteristics to oval faces but should avoid very long drop-style earrings. Otherwise, as with oval faces, almost anything goes.

Square faces are another type that can wear almost any design or earrings. Square designs, however, are out and longer earrings that are bulky on top and taper down may not be flattering, depending on their size.

Those having triangular faces with a wider jaw line and narrow forehead should be very cautious when selecting earrings. Studs, as usual, are fine but voluminous earrings should be avoided. Long, slim earrings can be worn. If the triangle is inverted – wider forehead than jaw – then the opposite is true. Any earring design will look good with the exception of very long pieces and triangular designs.

Like all your accessories, earrings should be worn to highlight your good features and mask the not so good. Diamond earrings will always attract attention and the right design will make you feel like a princess. If you are not sure if a particular pair suits your face type, then ask your friends or your jeweller for advice. And, if you still can’t make up your mind, just remember that stud earrings suit just about everyone.