Evening dresses according to your personality

evening dresses

If you are looking for evening dresses, be sure to read this article.

Do you have a night event and still do not what evening dresses are appropriate for you? Do you find too many dresses but none fits you perfectly? Do not know who to ask for help?

Sometimes we fall in love with some dresses are look perfect at the store window but then we try it on, and we are disappointed. So that you first look for pieces that will always fit you perfectly, we help you solve all the questions with five tips that can help you choose the perfect dress.

Follow these keys:

Define your personality

To start the search, you must first know that an event cannot be “disguised”, meaning that the dress you wear reflects your personality and how you want others to see you. There are many trends. However, not all of them will always suit you, so you have to identify the ones that are more according to the type of personality you have. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your style. Jovani, a well-known brand that belongs to the fashion industry, tells us that when you look for a dress, it is the perfect chance to be entirely yourself and that you can make your own decisions when choosing a dress.

To achieve your goal of finding the perfect dress, we invite you to read these five type of personalities, read carefully and identify yours.

Classic girl: you are the kind of person that loves the classic, and you always opt for the traditional, and this style will never go out of style. You are that girl who loves the simplicity, but you are also very delicate and elegant. If you are this type of girl, you have to choose a V-neckline dress, and a pearls necklace, which is also totally elegant.

Romantic girl: you are a person who will always want to look delicate and very sweet. If you are this kind of girl, the perfect dress for you is one with lace details, which gives you a high level of romanticism and cuteness.

Boho girl: you are a person who loves simple things and with no many details. If you are this type of woman, you should bet on choosing a dress that makes you feel free, so a flared dress from the waist may be your best choice. You can add minimalist accessories as well.

Vintage girl: you are a person who will always love old styles. You are a forever lover of the old tendencies. If you are that type of girl, choose a dress that has a classic corset or a lace. Find that vintage dress and will love the result of your look.

Modern girl: you are that person who is always looking for new trends. You are a daring girl, who is not afraid to bet on the new things. If you are that type of girl, choose a dress that brings you the latest cuts and colors. For example, a dress with an asymmetrical cut, rhinestones and a trendy color as the “ultraviolet” will make you look totally in.

Jovani, an important fashion reference in dresses and creator of the special collection Evening Dresses, tells us that a dress has to show your personal style.

“If you choose a dress that is not really your style, it is what most other guests will notice; you will feel very uncomfortable and disguised. Never buy a dress that people advise, it is better to define your personality first and then search the ideal dress”.

Do not be afraid to wear something that people say is not right. If you want old dresses and want to wear red, why do you have to wait for an approval? Dare to show what you like. Jovani, tells us that when a person is looking for the perfect dress, what is advised is that the clients leave behind the impositions or disciplines, that night that is free. Therefore, it is essential that you comment on your favorite store or brand your preferences and your personality so, according to that, let them advise you of the best dress option for you.

Do not be afraid and let your evening dress to reflect your personality!