How to Accessorize Your Wig


Wearing a wig doesn’t mean that you can’t change your hair style. You can use accessories to change up your look and change the style of your wig the same way that you can use accessories to change up the look of your natural hair. If you want to dramatically change the style of a wig you should visit a wig stylist that can work with the structure of the wig to get the look that you want. But if you just want to change up your look for a special event or to show off your personality you can do that on your own with everyday accessories like:

Coloured Clip Ins

If you want to add a little colour to your wig you can use in clip in pieces of hair that come in different colours. Clip in pieces are sewn onto hair combs with fine teeth so they can be placed into the wig securely and then you can pull out a few piece of the hair on the wig to cover where the comb grips the wig. Clip ins can be made from natural hair or synthetic hair. And they come in a huge rainbow of colours. So if you want a more traditional look you can place some clip ins around the wig to look like highlights. Or you can add some wild coloured clip ins in colours like blue, purple, or green to create a fun modern look.


Headbands are a great accessory to use with wigs. Headbands come in thousands of styles, colours and materials. And they are practical because they can pull back the hair on the wig from your face in a natural way and hide any bits of the wig cap that might show through when the hair is pulled back. Some wig caps have lace fronts that are designed to look like a headband to disguise the actual wig cap. From a formal sequined headband to a modern boho crocheted lace headband there are limitless ways to change up the look of your wig with a headband.

Hair Clips and Pins

Decorated bobby pins and fun hair clips are also great ways to accessorize a wig. They can be used to help adjust the style of the wig and as decoration. Just make sure that they are securely fixed to the hair on the wig so that they don’t loosen up or fall out. And make sure that they are not so tight that they start to pull the strands of hair out of the wig cap. Hair clips and bobby pins are a very inexpensive and fun way to add a little personality to your favourite wig.