What Is Merino Wool


There are many different kinds of wool. Some of them are general wool blends used for everything from itchy sweaters to rugs. However, a few types of wool are famous for their quality and their warmth. One of these is merino. Merino wool is wool derived from the merino sheep. For hundreds of years, the sheep have been bred all over the world. However, they were first domesticated in Australia.

Australian Merinos

The merino sheep was first discovered in Spain but it wasn’t domesticated until it was sent to Australia. The first merinos entered Australia in the 1780s. Ever since then, they have been bred for their wool. They are smaller than some other kinds of sheep, especially those who are grown for their meat. Merino sheep needs to be sheared once a year or else they can have serious medical conditions. The wool that results from the shearing is very fine and very soft. It’s used to make some of the most desirable articles of clothing that you can find. You can see the diverse range of options at merinosnug.com.

Because of the softness of the wool combined with the strength of the fibres, it can be used for everything from socks to scarves to sweaters. Merino is more resilient than many other kinds of wool while also being softer.

Sustainable Wool

Wool is a natural fibre, which means that it is prone to being unsustainably sourced. Sustainable sourcing means that the wool is cultivated in a way that the sheep and the environment can recover before more wool is required of them. Since a merino sheep only needs to be shorn once a year, sustainable farmers would only shear it once a year. They would give the sheep enough space and enough nutrients to fully grow their coats back before shearing them again. That’s great for the sheep and for the environment. It’s also great for the wool because the wool of healthy sheep is softer and stronger.

You should look for local wool as well. If you are in Australian, you should look for wool from Australian merinos. The less that the wool has to be shipped, the less fossil fuels are consumed to bring the wool to you. That means a smaller impact on the environment. In addition to being the sustainable decision, that’s also the decision that makes the most sartorial sense. As stated earlier, the first merinos were domesticated in Australia and, to a lesser extent, New Zealand. This means that the very best shepherding techniques have been handed down to Australian shepherds for hundreds of years. If you want the best possible merino, you should get the authentic merino from the earliest merino shepherds. That is Australian merino. If you invest in quality wool, it will last you for a long time and keep your local community moving along smoothly.

Lastly, merino that is made in Australia from Australian sheep helps that money stay in your nearby communities. That gives them more resources to buy more land and more sheep, which brings down the price of merino items.