How To Style Your Outfits?


All of us go crazy when we spot something that is brand new in style. However, if you lack the knowledge that is needed to style the outfits and accessories that we buy, it will be a complete waste of money. Allow us to help you style the clothes that you already own in a way you haven’t thought of before. So, are you game?

Time to roll it up –

Aren’t long sleeves meant to be rolled? Rolled up and undone sleeves can change the feel and transform the “too dressed up” look to a casual yet stylish one. Roll up the sleeves to your elbows and give your outfit a look of easy nonchalance. Classic shirts can use this trick to add a cool factor.

Cuff it –

Don’t you want to show off those shoes that you spent so much money on? The hemline of your jeans will end up covering it if you don’t cuff it. Instead of bringing the discreet “no-cuff” look by rolling up under the hem, embrace the roll by flaunting them and ultimately, your shoes. This little undone look adds cool to your outfit. Well, you’re left with many choices to cuff them. Go for a single roll or double and get the look that you were craving after looking at your favourite fashion blogger. If you’re wearing straight, stiffer denim, you should go for a single cuff whereas double roll goes well with a boyfriend or baggier jeans.

Drape it –

Nothing will speak volumes about your fashion sense more than a draped jacket over your shoulders. Sounds crazy? However, it is true. With no extra cost, your outfit will turn into an expensive one and give you a classy look. Just throw a blazer over the whole thing you’re wearing and give your shoes and jeans a feel of all dressed up.

Tie the knot –

How can you not define the perfect waistline that you’ve got? Well, if you want to do so, the easiest way is to tie a knot of your shirt right in the middle. Just tucking in your shirt is too outdated and this will give a creative finish by adding a funky and playful touch.

Tuck your shirt –

One of the trending and always in fashion styling trick is to tuck your shirt. But yes, this time it has a modern twist to it. No more tucking in the full shirt and go with the funky feel of “half-tuck”. The simplest of your outfits will be more of a statement with the half-tuck look that conveys a casual, current vibe. It can also be done in different styles. Go for tucking just half the shirt or tuck the whole front and let the rest fall free.

Cinch it –

If you’ve got that perfect figure, why not define it instead of hiding it behind a boxy shift dress? Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear such outfits, but all you need to do is to clinch it and eliminate the feeling that it has come for your mommy’s wardrobe. Cinch means to tie a knot on the inside of your dress (turn it inside out and tie a knot) right at the middle. This will transform the dress into a body-hugging or figure flattering by gathering up all the extra fabric.

Let the socks peek out –

When you’re wearing a skirt, paired with shoes, you can’t restrict your socks to peek out of them. In fact, scrunched socks look way more casual and give a perfect feel. You must have seen fashion bloggers pulling off this trick to get a unique look. You need to choose the correct pair of socks that aren’t too sporty but playful. Consider the length of your legs and let the socks cover 1/4th of it. Firstly, pull them all the way up and then scrunch them down to the desired length.

Use belts beyond jeans –

How about converting a loose or layered outfit to a figure-flattering one? Yes, to tie a not is an option but what if it doesn’t work with every outfit? Here, your thin, leather belt comes to the rescue. A perfect example of minimum effort and maximum impact!

These are the ways you can style your outfits to look phenomenal all year round. Even a casual outfit will make a statement with these tricks. Don’t wait any longer to try them out that too when Boden promo codes are available to get you best outfits at a discount price.