Keep Your Man Suave and Sexy With These Shirts


The perfect combination of a shirt and pants can make you feel sophisticated, professional and even a little alluring. When you’re preparing for a casual outing with the ladies or are heading to hang out with the guys, the right shirt will make your outfit stand out. Here are a few fashionable shirt ideas to incorporate into your wardrobe.

Button-Down White Shirt

This classic clothing piece is a fashionable must-have for men. You can wear a white button-down with a pair of jeans, chinos, or dress pants. Shirts that fit expertly, such as slim fits and tailored slim fits, provide adequate room for broad shoulders and a streamlined abdomen. This shirt is an essential to his wardrobe to pull off any look in a classy and sophisticated way.

Poet Blouse

The poet blouse or tunic-style shirt is ideal for those who prefer the boho chic look. The shirt is loose fitting, but may have a small opening in the front to show off the collar bone. Poet blouses are best paired with tights or skinny jeans to create a balanced silhouette.

Wrap Blouse

Women who want to hide a few imperfections while accentuating their cleavage, will want to invest in a wrap shirt or two. These tops look great with bottoms like boot cut jeans and mid-length skirts. The wrap feature of the shirt helps to make the midsection look slimmer and brings the eyes to the top of the body.

Graphic Stretch T-Shirt

A stretch t-shirt in long or short-sleeved varieties can serve as a sensible undergarment if you’re wearing a blazer. Or you can pair the fitted shirt with a decorative scarf and a pair of skinny jeans and loafers for a casual look that’s sexy, simply and chic. This is another shirt that comes in both men’s and women’s varieties, and and can help to showcase the body’s shape and curves. When you’re shopping for a stretch t-shirt, remember to select the same size shirt you’d wear in looser fitting tops like sweaters or button-downs. This keeps the shirt from appearing too snug. Look for shirts that have interesting designs or vibrant colors, like cheeky tee designs from Reem, that can add an element of interest to your outfit.

If you’re looking for an interesting new shirt to wear with the your favorite pair of jeans, these tops will add more intrigue to your wardrobe and give you new ways to express your personal style.