Long Hair Updos That Will Augment The Gorgeousness Of Your Hair


Do you want to feel very comfortable as you attend to those weddings, music anniversaries or even those picnics? Try these updos for long hair. If you have been stranded every time you think of the best way to style that hair, relax and just start with simple braid or even a ponytail. Next, split that into smaller pieces. Take one segment at go and curl it.



Top 5 Updos For Long Hair to Try Before the End of This Year.

1.Soft Braid-Up.

You will like the look of this French braid for a long hair.

How to style.

1.Spray dehydrated hair using a thermal protectant

2.Comb the rear crown section backward

3.Make a tranquil French braid and wind it up to a ring

4.Leave the ends less tight and hold it with bobby jots

5.make sure the loose strands around the face are not free

6.Use a soft hairspray to fix it

2.Dutch Halo.

If you want simplicity, yet exquisite look, try this style.

How to style

1.Make the hair dry and spray it with hairspray

2.Make a soft side split

3.Start the Dutch braid at the frontier and continuously braid it from one side of the head to the other

4.Make sure any remaining of the hair from the left side is stuck beneath the braid

5.Finally, use the soft hairspray to set the style

3.Textured Twist-Up

It’s my favorite forward look that keeps me rocking every day

1.Make the hair dry and spray it with hairspray

2.Leave the fringe out and make three ponytails

3.Hold the first ponytail hair while backcombing the interior, make sure it is folded forward and then pin it

  1. Cross over the latter folded section using the section of the first ponytail

5.Spread the last ponytail on the side to side on the area and pin it to check it from spreading

6.Comb it backward to make a pompadour

7.Finally, use a soft hairspray to set it

4.Milk Maiden

This hairstyle will give you that freshness and innocence you yearn for.

How to style

1.Use a pale pomade to prepare your hair.

2.Make your hair moist free with a paddle brush.

3.Side part the hair and smoothly brush it.

4.Make a braid of three strands and fit the rear ends with a rubber band.

5.Use that twist and pass it to transverse the head for a milk mild-inspired appearance and pin it.

6.Finally, use light-hold hairspray to set it.

5.Retro Crush.

There are a few ways you can make this look either by using a low bun or by covering a braid up.

How to style;

1.Use light working hairspray to make the hair ready.

2.Brush the hair all collect it at the nape region. Make a braid of three strands and swipe it to the right side.

3.Work on the right-side part and use minimal pin bangs for the best finish.

4.Decorate the fringe as required.

5.Use hold hairspray preferably light one to set the style.


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