4 Workwear Brands That Last for a Long Time


As the trend of wearing unique and stylish clothing to blue collar jobs is slowly gaining popularity, more and more brands are launching their workwear lines these days. With intense competition between these brands, it’s really difficult to choose from the variety of various workwear items available in the market.

Let’s quickly go through what particular features blue collar workers look for in the clothes they wear. They make sure their clothes are comfortable for them to move and bend and work in varying environments. Aside from that, they make sure their clothing provides them safety and protection from all sorts of elements in the environment they work in – be it fire, electricity, or construction material. The third quality blue collar workers look for is durability.

This article will share with you four workwear brands that provide blue collar workers with all the qualities they look for in their clothing.

1- Levi’s

Nobody needs a formal introduction to this brand. Levi’s is a brand that has been associated with quality for a long time now. Whether you prefer to wear stretch jeans, straight leg jeans, or baggy stonewash jeans to work, you can find the variety that meets your needs perfectly. As for the quality, you know Levi’s does not compromise the quality of its products ever. When buying workwear items of Levi’s, you can be sure of its quality and longevity.

2- FXD

FXD is a popular workwear brand that has become a priority of thousands of blue collar workers. Aside from its excellent variety of work boots, workpants, and work shirts, FXD has introduced an amazing range of workwear items that includes UPF 50 certified workpants that block UVA and UVB rays, stretchable denim, work shirts with UV protection lining, work socks with knitted arch support, and work boots with an extra oil, heat, and slip resistance. The best thing about FXD is that all its workwear items are made keeping the Australian Safety Standards in mind. For a variety of FXD products to select your workwear items from, check-out workwearhub.com.au.

3- Caterpillar

Caterpillar or CAT is another workwear brand that does need any formal introduction. With a fantastic range of workwear items that are both durable and stylish, Caterpillar is the best a blue collar worker can get. Some of the most popular workwear items of Caterpillar include caps, safety boots, work shorts, and dynamic pants.

4- Steel Blue

The importance of wearing workwear, especially if you do blue collar jobs, cannot be understated. And that’s what Steel Blue believes in. All the workwear items of Steel Blue are geared to ensure maximum safety for blue collar workers, especially the work boots. But that doesn’t mean Steel Blue does not make its workwear items stylish. Steel Blue is gaining popularity for its work boots for women that are available in exotic colours, like pink and purple.

The workwear items of these brands are durable, safe, and comfortable. With a terrific variety and features that these brands offer, you can’t expect workwear to get any better than this.