Active Lifestyle: How To Burn More Calories Throughout The Day


It’s obvious to you that one way that to lose weight is by using up more calories than you consume. You already engage in exercise several times a week in order to increase your calorie expenditure. You may even take supplements or vitamins in the morning to ramp up your metabolism throughout the day. Now you want to change your everyday activities just burn more calories throughout the day. The following are a few suggestions

Keep Standing

You probably spend a good part of your day sitting down, whether you’re relaxing at home or busy at the office. Whenever you can, stand up to do your tasks so you burn more calories. For example, when you look at television, try spending five minutes out of every half hour on your feet. Increase the time gradually until you can watch TV program while standing up.

Keep Moving

Whenever you’re forced to wait, such as on the phone while you’re in line, move your body as much as is practical. For example, if you’re waiting in the privacy of your own home, try doing some air squats or push-ups, both of which do not require any equipment outside of your body. If you’re in a public place, the movement can be more minimal, such as by rotating the fist around her wrist, or foot around an ankle.

Do it by Hand

Avoid using machines in favor of using your hands to perform tasks. When you mow the lawn, keep the gas-powered mower in the garage and rely on an old-fashioned manual mower instead. Need to dry a laundry load when the sun’s out? Skip the dryer and hang your clothes outside.

Avoid the Car

When you run errands throughout the day, think about which destinations you can reach without using your car. Could you take public transportation and remain standing throughout the journey? Or could you just walk there? If you do end up taking your vehicle, park it as far away from the entrance as possible. You can then expend calories either walking to the door of the building.

Take the Stairs

An easy way to burn more calories and build your endurance if you live or work above the first floor is to avoid the elevators and take the stairs instead. You can even try running up or down the steps, or jumping upward from one step to the next to use up calories. If you’re only on the second floor and find stair-climbing to be too easy, try climbing from the ground floor to two or three floors above your destination floor before heading back down to the floor you actually want.

Keeping an active lifestyle is a serious change for some of use but it can be done if you are diligent. Remember to supplement your active lifestyle with vitamins and minerals or you can even consider getting a no prescription Phentermine pill to help expedite any weight loss. With these tips you can be sure to burn the calories!