How to Plan for a Surprise Engagement


If you’re looking to propose but want to make it extra special, this is the article for you. An engagement is always an exciting and romantic event, but to make sure that it’s as perfect is it can be we’ve compiled some top tips.

Locationpicking a sentimental location will make the proposal even more romantic. Whether it be where you shared your first kiss, your first date or where you first said ‘I love you’, a location that’s important to you both will show thought and love has gone into the planning of your engagement; and make for a super engagement story!

Choose your audienceConsider having family and friends there, to be able to share the moment not only with each other but also with your nearest and dearest. There’s plenty of ways to set this up, whether it be on a family holiday or a family dinner. Think about what you as a couple would prefer most- sometimes a private moment is more desirable, it all depends on how you want to do it.

A photographerA professional photographer can capture this beautiful moment for a lifetime, but if you’re not in a position to be able to do this a close friend with a camera is a great alternative. Being able to get some photos of the exact moment you pop the question will be something you’ll keep forever, and your loved one will be thrilled!

Your songAgain, this one is all down to your personal preferences as a couple. If there’s a song that is special to the both of you, you could incorporate it into your proposal by having it playing in the background to make the atmosphere even more romantic. It also gives the option for a dance after the proposal, and there’s nothing more romantic than slow dancing to your favourite song.

Make sure it’s a surprise! – Try to be as subtle as possible. Having pulled out all the stops to make this happen, you don’t want to ruin the spell last minute and give it all away. Involve the people that you need to, but make sure everyone keeps it quiet- and make sure that you don’t leave any information about your plans lying around for your partner to stumble upon.

The ringProbably the most obvious, but most important part of the whole engagement. You want to have the perfect ring for your partner, which means knowing exactly what they like. Whether it be something flashy and extravagant, something simplistic and classy, or a modern take on a classic design, there’s the perfect ring out there for everyone. Featured here is the 18k white gold Verragio Cathedral Solitaire engagement ring. For your ring search, consider visiting

Overall, to plan the perfect surprise engagement takes the time to consider what the right choices are for you and your partner. It’s all down to personal preference, and taking into account the little details will make a huge impact when you pop the question.