How to read the LuLaRoe Nicole size chart


LuLaRoe is a U.S. based company that designs and sells women’s clothing. It is an MLM (Multilevel Marketing Company), a directselling company. It makes nice pattered clothes with a lot of stripes, shapes, and chevrons, and loose-fitting styles for young mothers to wear on play dates and star bucks run. The founders Deanne Brady and her husband Mark Stidham, say that they made the business for women to stay at home and support their families while in touch with the business. Unlike most business organizations, LuLaRoefashions designers sell on Facebook.Nicole size chart

My Favorite Dress

My favorite dress is LuLaRoe Nicole because the dresses are always simple, adorable and flattering. LuLaRoe has been takingcare of my wardrobe since January 2013. I bought my first LuLaRoe dress on Christmas Day, December 2012.

LuLaRoe Nicole size chart helps me get the most fitting and prettiest dress that everyone would dream of.

LuLaRoe Nicole size chart

The most frequently asked question by the LuLaRoe customers is sizing. When shopping with LuLaRoe, they provide a standard sizing
chart that helps as a guide, although it is advisable to try on and see if it fits. So while a Nicole chart is a good guide, it is not advisable to use it as the first rule when choosing the best fitting Nicole. The sizes can also vary slightly.

How to read a LuLaRoe Nicole size chart

LuLaRoe Leggings

OS means one-size, that is, sizes 0-10. These are usually for young adults or in most cases, middle-aged women. It mostly fits for girls with ages 8-15.

T&C is my best fit although I am one of the lucky that can wear both sizes. On the size chart, it means tall and curvy, sizes 10-22. This is an option for almost every girl out there, but not always likely. Try them on. T&C feels much more comfortable for me. Some people do not like this sizing because they are not tall.

LuLaRoe Irma

This goes usually perfect with leggings or jeans. It can also a nice match with a skirt for a night out. LuLaRoe advice sizing down
two sizes for this top, although some can size down three and it fits very well. It all depends on how you want to wear this top.

Amelia Dress

This is a wonderful dress with exposed pockets and zipper. Amelia comes in different styles and fabric types. They quite fit true
to the body size. For some, it works best when they size up one more for comfort.

Azure Skirt

This is a short maxi skirt and the sizing is very similar. It hangs slightly below the knee and it has some beautiful twirl factor. For this one, it is advisable to use the size chart to determine your perfect size.

Sarah Cardigan

This is a full-length Nicole cardigan and can fit into many sizes. However, in this one, the sleeves might restrict you since some fabrics are more stretched than others to allow more room in the sleeves. In this, I would recommend to rather stay in your size range on the chart.

Julia Dress

This is a very flattering, tighter and fitting Nicole dress. LuLaRoe Nicole size chart recommends going up one or two moresizes for extra comfort. But try to wear more on to better understand your size.


LuLaRoe is magic. Everyone, no matter their size or shape can find their best fit. Using LuLaRoe Nicole size chart as a guide willhelp every woman get the favorite clothes of their dreams. LuLaRoe is the best place to be for every woman.