How to Style Socks with the Outfit – A Guide for Teen Girls


One piece of clothing which is often overlooked is socks. But, socks are an integral element of your wardrobe just like your outfits. As a teenager, first impressions are crucial to everyday life, and you want to look your best at all times. So, when you are deliberating your jeans, T-shirt, jacket, and accessories, why would you want to leave your socks? Your socks don’t have to be matte or dull anymore. Yes, gone are the days where a sock that matches your jean is the only option. Today, there is a range of colourful crazy socks that looks trendy and fashionable, especially for teen girls!

Here are a few ideas to wear a pair of crazy socks that matches your outfit:-

Short skirts and colourful happy socks

You don’t have to be sceptical to wear crazy socks with your denim clothes as this where the trend kicks in. Those unique outfits’ trending in Twitter is not something created by professionals. It all starts when a girl like you wore something unusual. Yes, your outfit can be plain and can be styled with multifarious colourful socks. A short skirt will highlight the knee high sock that is completed with a cool pair of shoes.

Knee high socks

Both adult and kids knee high socksare trending. Your socks can be pulled off in a magical way for your casual outfits as well. Match your purple or blue or orange crazy socks with the same shade scarf for your ultimate look. In fact, you could choose your style and match it with whatever you think the most suitable for your dress. It doesn’t have to be the same colours throughout your outfit.

Coordinate with your friend

Coordinating your socks with your girl bestie can be fascinating, especially when you are going to girls’ day out or a birthday party. Keep a pair of the same set of socks for you and your friend. Wearing them with your simple clothes will highlight the power of your friendship goals.

Plain tee and knee high socks

Your colourful knee high socks with a plain tee and pants could be the most desirable look when you are partying with your friends. Try to wear the sock and the shirt of a similar colour theme.

Stand out

Wearing unmatched colours is trending. Be it tight pants or skirts; choose contrast colour socks to make all the eyes stick to your toes.

Sporty girl socks

You could match your outfit with the shade of your socks and shoes while playing outdoors and cycling.

Printed shirt and socks

Prints never go out of style! Flaunt your printed socks with your printed shirts and shorts. Wear a slipper or sandals to give a summer vibe.

Are you looking for crazy socks? Madmia’s sock collections are suitable for all the teen girls out there as it will distinguish your aesthetic style from the others and make you stand out of the crowd!