Nicotine and E-Liquid


If you are a person who has made the switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, you likely prefer to have some nicotine in your e-liquid. You might choose to wean yourself off nicotine by reducing the nicotine content slowly. Others prefer to simply continue vaping but with nicotine in their e-liquid. Some people who have never smoked enjoy having nicotine in their e-liquid because it provides them with the enjoyable benefits of nicotine. Whatever the case may be, you have several different options when it comes to how much nicotine you would like in your e-liquid.

The Composition

E-liquid is made up of three basic components. These include a base, a flavouring, and nicotine. The base is either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol is a flavourless liquid that provides the sensation of vapour hitting your throat. The vegetable glycerin is slightly sweet and produces the large clouds of vapour. The flavouring is obviously the element that provides the e-liquid with a certain taste. However, nicotine is somewhat bitter and can also provide a slight amount of flavour to the e-liquid. The nicotine is the third component. It is the active ingredient in tobacco and has been refined for use in e-liquids as well. If you buy e-cigarettes in Australia you have several different choices for nicotine strength.

Nicotine Strength

The strongest e-liquid usually contains about 18mg of nicotine per container. That would be something close to the equivalent of one full-flavoured cigarette. A full-flavoured cigarette is one that is made from the strongest tasting tobacco and has full-strength nicotine. The nicotine content and the flavour of light cigarettes is tempered in several different ways. For one, these cigarettes are made with a lighter tobacco that has a lighter nicotine content. They also have air holes in the filters so that air can enter as you inhale. This dilutes the nicotine content and reduces the flavour of the cigarette. If you want to mimic that with your e-cigarettes, you need to consider having less nicotine in your e-liquid.

This means you should probably opt for 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. If you are trying to reduce your nicotine consumption, it might be helpful to start with the full-strength e-liquid and work your way down to an e-liquid without nicotine. E-liquid without nicotine is great for those who want to enjoy the sensation of vaping without ingesting nicotine. There are many reasons why someone might choose to avoid nicotine. It is addictive and has been linked to several different types of health conditions. Also, it can be somewhat unpleasant for some people. That’s why e-liquid is available in many different strengths of nicotine for those who prefer to customise their nicotine content to their personal tastes.