Design tips to make your house a home


Some houses just have it – that warm and inviting feeling the moment you walk through the door. It’s a good idea to invest some money, time and effort into your house to make it feel like a home, but it can take some time. We’ve put together some design inspiration tips to help make your space feel a proper home.

Set an inviting tone with your front door and entryway

Curb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated. Having a clean, bright front door and a welcome mat makes all the difference. A great trick for a truly inviting hallway is a plant – add a big leafy green plant inside your front door, it’ll be what guests see as soon as the door is open.

Use colours

Colours will pull your eyes through your space. Consider painting the wall that is opposite your front door. Make it a bold colour that really stands out and then add some artwork or lighting to catch the eye. Instantly this will pull people throughout your home creating a warming feeling, making them and you want to stay.

Add soft textiles and lots of them

Soft textiles are an obvious yet highly effective way to make your house feel like a home. Go for deep coloured furniture, lots of scatter cushions, soft ottomans and plush rugs for that warm homely feel. Don’t forget to add textiles to the wall too using art.

Buy your own furniture

If, when you first moved home, family and friends helped you out with second hand furniture, maybe now it’s time you brought some brand new items. If your house is full of furniture that you didn’t buy yourself, it can feel a little bit like a jumble sale and not your home. Just something as simple as a new sofa, or bed can really help. Consider Zip and Link Beds from Divan Beds Centre – they’re perfect for having people over to stay as they can be used as one double or separated into two single beds.


This is a great tip if you have bought lots of furniture from the same retailer. Personalise them either by reupholstering them using a favourite fabric of yours or, paint them. This way it will not only stop your home looking like something out of a catalogue, but it will really feel your own because you’ve added a personal touch. It also makes for a good conversation starter with guests.

Add photos

This is a little similar to personalising your items. Add photos of family and friends around the house – this way it will really feel like yours because you’re adding your own personal touch and will be reminded of fun memories every time you look around.

Have a nice scent in the air

There’s nothing homelier than a welcoming and refreshing smell. Grab some plug in air fresheners and a candle to really make a statement with your scent. Or, if you were preferring something a little more different, go for some fragrant plants for that naturally good smelling home.

Attack the clutter

If you have stacks of letters, magazines or just a ton of unused clutter around your house – get rid of it all. There’s nothing more stressful than having unsightly mess all round the house. You’ll want to spend so much more time in your home if it looks tidy and clutter free. Spend a day, or two days, going through everything. Chuck away what you no longer need and organise everything else you want to keep.

Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, you can always find ways to make your house feel like a home. Use these tips and see your house transformed into a home in no time.