Different Types Of Salwar Kameez In Trend


Salwar kameez is the quintessential wardrobe necessity of any woman, since it is one piece of clothing that can combine the effortless elegance of comfort wear with the intricate design of high class fashion. Salwar kameez, though has traditionally adorned women of Pakistan, North India and Afghanistan, over the last few decades has gained immense popularity over the entire Indian sub-continent. It is very similar to the western pant-suit, as women in India wear it on a daily basis, but consists of three parts instead of two.

It generally comprises of the “salwar”, which is a loosely fitted pajama pant, with a drawstring waist. The salwar has many variations, and over the last decade, with the innovation in fashion industry in India, it has seen very trendy avatars. It is usually loose at the hips, with a tapering bottom. The “kameez” is the kurta in the three piece suit and is a long tunic with variations in cut, fabric and design embellishments. According to the region, where the kameez belongs to, it can be long or short length kurta. The “dupatta” completes the entire ensemble. It is a piece of stole or long scarf that is used to cover the shoulders or head of the woman wearing the salwar kameez and adds to the beauty of the entire outfit.

With the evolution of the needs and the role played by women in Indian society, living within India and abroad, the types and variations of salwar kameez have also seen a sea change. Some of these variations and recent trends have been discussed in detail:

Churidar Salwar Kameez

In this type, the pajama pant actually consists of a long length of salwar, which tapers off to the ankle; snag the length of cloth at the ankles provides a lot of pleats. This enhances the shape and cut of the kamez that is worn.

Parallel Suit

In this set of salwar kurta, the pants have a more androgynous look, which flow to the ground from the waist without a curve. These pajamas are much more comfortable and are worn by women to workplaces and at home across the country.

Afghani Suit

The Afghani style of kurta is quite loose and a shorter one, which falls effortlessly from the shoulder to the thigh and has embroidery work along the neck and the hemline of the kurta.

Punjabi Patiala Suit

The traditional patiala suit from Punjab is a very popular variety of the salwar kameez and is worn by women everywhere now, after it was popularized by Bollywood movies in the recent past. The patiala pants are popular for their large and wavy pleats, which make the salwar look fuller and more beautiful.

Anarkali Kurta

This is an offshoot of the Lucknowi style of kurta and comprises of a bustier type kurta that is cinched beneath the bosom, with a flowing skirt from beneath it. This is a longer kurta and is generally worn till the knee or sometimes, beneath it.

Designer Salwar Kameez

This is a line of new age kurtas and pajamas that follow closely, the trends of the modern fashion industry. Designer salwar kameez are a mix and match of the indo-western styles and involve a variety of fabric like the traditional chikankari from Lucknow to more westernized fabrics like organza, and zardozi work to geometric prints.

While these are the few varieties of this traditional Indian outfit, another factor that makes salwar kameez a must-have is the bright combination of colors with traditional prints and patterns. From bandhani to sanganeri prints, tribal patterns, kashidakari, phulkari etc. various designer variations are found in this ethnic attire, making it even more appealing. If you wish to get a glimpse of the endless array of salwar kameez, try to discover the local Indian market or simply go to an online store like rajrang.com. You will definitely get amazing stuff for the upcoming festive season.