How To Shop For A Prom Dress That You Can Wear Again


Every girl dreams of her prom dress from the minute she starts high school (and sometimes even before that) but what happens to the dress once that magical night is over? This is something most girls don’t think about when buying a dress. The fact of the matter is that your prom dress can be re-used on other occasions. All you need to do is consider a few key points when buying your prom dress.

The Color:

If you plan on wearing your dress again, you might want to consider what color will stick around through the different fashion changes. My advice would be to go for a neutral color. Black, white, beige etc. are good choices as they never get old and these colors are constants in the ever evolving fashion trend.

The Style:

When buying a prom dress go with a style that is elegant and you know can be used in any future events. Most often a full length dress is the best option as it is one style that never gets old. It has an elegant look to it and can be redesigned if need be. Another thing to keep in mind is to not buy a backless dress if you want to wear it in the future as you can always turn a dress into a backless one but you can’t always wear a backless.

Shake it up:

You can always change the look of your dress by adding a few different accessories to the mix. A nice shiny sequenced jacket or a colorful stole can completely change the outlook of your dress. Adding different colored jewelry, stoles, shoes etc. can turn your dress into a whole new one.

Alter it:

If you don’t like the way your dress looks, there is always room for alterations and changes. You can shorten your dress, add or remove sleeves, turn into a formal cocktail dress or just a summer dress or a tea party dress etc. There are a million ways you can alter your dress to make it a brand new one.

You can re-use your prom dress any time in the future and save a ton of money on a new dress that would just be hanging in your cupboard right next to your prom one. So, think of the future and consider buying a prom dress that you will be able to wear later on.